The Voodoo Music Man and Girls Having Fun

I recently saw Dr. John and Cyndi Lauper on their “From Memphis to Mardi Gras” tour.

The first time I heard Dr. John’s “Right Place, Wrong Time,” it filled my imagination with images of the forbidden and mystical voodoo and I romanticized about New Orleans and the French Quarter.   I have a couple of his releases, Afterglow and In A Sentimental Mood and I’ve always wanted to see a live performance.  I was overjoyed, when I found out that he was going to be performing at a local theatre.  Dr. John and Halloween seemed synchronistic.  He combines blues, jazz, Zydeco, pop, boogie woogie, and rock and roll into a musical gumbo that fills the heart and soul and is as delicious to the ears as crawfish étouffée is to the tongue.  I knew that he is a keyboardist but I had no idea that he also plays the guitar. His voice has depth and character.  I was totally thrilled sitting there.  I was happy to see a woman, the lone female, playing the horn.  She definitely held her own and wore a “smoking” dress.  From the front, it looked like a simple black mini dress but once she turned around, you could see that it had a deep open back with a lattice of spaghetti straps snaking down the back.   Great music and fashion make the perfect cocktail.  He sang old favorites and new songs from his latest release Tribal.  He ended the set with a duet with Cyndi.  There was voodoo magic in the air.

I first saw Cyndi Lauper in 1997.  She was the opening act for Gloria Estefan’s Destiny tour.  The concert was at an outdoor venue and all I seem to I remember about Cyndi’s performance was that she was pregnant.   At the beginning of this concert, a woman approached the stage to take pictures.  Cyndi stopped the music and told her that she could stand on the side and take pictures but no pictures from under the chin.  That really tickled me and I laughed for a few minutes. I made a mental note not to take any pictures from under the chin. Cyndi was keeping it real.  I think she looks great.  With her platinum hair, I kept thinking how much Christina Aguilera favors her.  Maybe it was the acoustics at the earlier concert because I was totally blown away with the beauty and range of her singing voice.  It is a powerhouse, the total opposite of her high-pitched Brooklyn/Queens twang.  I sat there, totally enraptured.  She thrilled us all more than once coming down into the audience.  She really got us going.  Her latest release is “Memphis Blues” which was nominated for Best Traditional Blues Album.  She sang selections from it and many of the old hits including one of my favorites The Goonies R Good Enough (I love that movie.)  She ended with an encore of Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Time After Time and True Colors.  They sounded phenomenal and I actually welled up with emotion while she sang True Colors.  Hearing it felt great.  I thought about how isolating and lonely it was/is for those of us that felt/feel different and unaccepted at some point in our life.  I was glad that I had this opportunity to see her again.  I have a new appreciation for her voice.


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