Mercury Retro What?

Must Be A Mercury Retrograde!

"Mercury Retrograde"

This past week was intense.  I dealt with many distinctly different personalities.  It was an exercise in acceptance, flexibility and patience.  My skills in customer service, diplomacy and management came in real handy.  The Mercury retrograde and yesterday’s eclipse definitely played a major role in the chaos.  I am usually cautious and prepared for a retrograde, in order to minimize the effect on my life.  This time I was neither cautious nor prepared.

I first learned about astrology from my maternal grandmother.  I was 10 years old, crying on her shoulder, telling her how I felt that neither my brothers nor my father really loved me.  She suggested that I get an astrology book to learn about my personality traits (as defined by my time and place of birth) and those of my brothers and father.  She told me the story about my aunt (deceased long before my birth) coming home after attending a seminar on astrology and sharing what she learned.  My grandmother read the book my aunt had and was impressed with the accuracy of the information.  She became a believer in this science.  She read books on the subject and even subscribed to a monthly magazine. My grandmother was an open-minded woman for her day and age.

I read my astrological profile and I too was astonished by the accuracy of the description.  I felt it was written about me not some sun sign. It described my emotional state to pinpoint accuracy.   Like my grandmother, I too accepted this to be a valid science.  She was correct when she suggested that it might give me some comfort.  I got a lot of comfort from reading my astrological profile as well as the profiles of my brothers, father and mother.  Knowing more about their personalities helped me to understand their dynamics and the dynamics of our relationship.  I began to realize that their behavior towards me wasn’t really about me but was due in part to the planetary influences on their behavior and personal interactions.  They were oblivious to it all.  I learned, among other things, that my sun sign is very sensitive emotionally and bruises easily.  My grandmother taught me to use the information as a map to help me navigate the sea of personalities that I would encounter not only in my family but in my life.  I have fond memories of sitting at her dining room table reading the monthly magazine.  I wanted to know what that month might have in store.  For a while, I had my own subscription.  I don’t follow astrology on a daily basis.  I use it as a tool not a crutch.  Forewarned is to be forearmed.

For whatever reason, I just didn’t pay much attention to this Mercury retrograde nor give it the respect it deserved.  I don’t know why and at this point it doesn’t matter.  It hit my life like a wrecking ball.  For those of you that don’t know what a Mercury retrograde means, let me give you a brief description.

Astrologically, Mercury governs all transportation and communication issues.  No planet actually moves backwards, it just appears like its backing up and when that happens, everything it rules is subject to having a glitch.  The effects can be experienced as early as two weeks prior to the actual retrograde period.  Astrologers recommend that, for example; we wait until the end of the retrograde to make any major purchases, sign any contracts, or get that new hairstyle.  We might want to back up our hard drive, check any machinery or electronics that we depend upon.  Nothing turns out the way that we think it will and any mechanical or electrical weaknesses will definitely come to light.  That meeting that was scheduled months ago will get cancelled.  Money pits will materialize out of nowhere.  Travel plans may be interrupted.  I think you get the picture.

I didn’t heed the first few warnings.  My having to change an airline ticket and pay a change fee and my cell phone not working are retrograde type of occurrences.

The past week was full of miscommunications, misinterpretations, and misunderstandings.  Someone walked off with my “unattended” pashmina wrap.  I got one of the worst sinus infections that I’ve ever had and felt miserable for most of the week.  I blew my nose so much that I went through tissue and toilet paper like I owned stock in a paper company.  Luckily, I got some antibiotics but flying with bad sinuses is no fun.

My return flight to Miami was scheduled to leave 30 minutes later than I expected.  I was in jeopardy of missing my connecting flight home.  I arrived in Miami and got through customs with no problem.  I had about 40 minutes before my connection was scheduled to depart.  I get to the counter to check my luggage and I’m told that I missed the flight.  How could I miss a flight that hadn’t taken off yet?  I was told “You’re on time for the flight but your luggage isn’t.  The flight isn’t accepting any more baggage so you’ll have to take a later flight.”  WTF!!! Instead of arriving home at 9:10pm, I didn’t arrive until 11:50pm.  I got to the house and both the outdoor garage light and the timed light in the house were burnt out.  The windows were covered with condensation because the humidifier had been running practically nonstop.

I tried to cook some bacon in the oven, yesterday morning.  The thermostat isn’t functioning properly.  I don’t have an oven thermometer or a sense of smell, right now.  When the oven timer went off and I took the bacon out, it was burnt to a crisp.  I threw away the first 3 strips and tried again.  This time I cut down the cooking time and still it came out burnt.  I figured since I can neither smell nor taste I might as well eat it.  I wouldn’t know the difference.

I went to a workshop and there wasn’t any heat in the gym.  I was I tired, didn’t really feel well and there was no heat.  I will not ask that question we have a tendency to ask when many unexpected things happen to us.  I know you know the question I’m referring to.

I’m going to get in the jetted tub, soak my cares away and climb under the covers.  This retrograde will end on the 13th.  Until then, I’ll be ever so vigilant and for the next retrograde, I’ll be armed and ready.


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I describe myself as an "Intuitive Medium." I possess a heightened level of extra-sensory perceptive skills and I am able to communicate with "unseen" energies of consciousness. I have faced many challenges but I have been able to use these skills as tools to help me learn and grow. I think of conscious awareness as the “pause” between heartbeats. It’s a split second opportunity to be in control, to think and decide what is the appropriate response in any situation. This blog is a chronicle of my journey to living a more consciously aware, thoughtful, life.

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  1. Amen sister, for reminding us to be awares, re the retrogrades. I wasn’t either on this one,
    and shoved my foot in my mouth more than I care to admit which has caused me intense suffering this week..Next retrograde, duck tape.

  2. I love the picture! There is a calmness, although your subject looks like the ruins of a building. Hope you are feeling better.

    • Thanks Bertha.
      I wondered why I chose this particular photo. The only thing that comes to mind, is the fact that a Mercury retrograde can be “destructive” leaving ruins in it’s wake. If you’re prepared and respect the power of it’s influence you can be in the center of it’s fury and remain untouched, just like these guys playing dominoes in the midst of the ruins.
      I am feeling a little better.

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