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Why Am I Holding On To This? – Let It Go!

The past two weeks have been really quiet.  There haven’t been any overwhelming emotional episodes.  As Friday, Jan 6th, approached, I began to panic because I didn’t have anything to write for the next post.  The prior emotional upheavals gave me plenty to think about and insights to share.  Now that my life had quieted down, the lessons and insights seemed to come to a halt.  It gave me the opportunity to question my motivation and commitment to writing the blog.  Though, I couldn’t answer all the whys I did know what I wanted.  I don’t want the blog to be a weekly public diary summarizing my daily life.  I want to share insights and lessons I’m learning.  I want to be an example of a person that tries to live a conscious life.  For me, that means that I am a person trying to live my life from the perspective that I am totally responsible for the quality and character of my life.  There are no accidents or coincidences.  I am not a victim but a student, learning through the experiences that arise from interacting and relating to others.  Nevertheless, I was down on myself for not having a post.  I was beating myself up pretty bad by late Saturday evening.  It was between mental beatings that I heard the Voice in a very low whisper say, “Let it go.” Read the rest of this entry

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