Welcome to Michele’s Perspective.

In 2011, I began gathering with a group of women who shared one thing in common, we all have some type of “spiritual” gift; clairvoyant, psychic, medical intuitive, medium and intuitive. We’d share stories about our lives and how we see, experience and relate to life differently. Often, the women encouraged me to write and share my thoughts and the processes I use in my life to become a more consciously aware, thoughtful, person. It’s one thing to share my thoughts and life in a supportive community. It’s totally different to share them in a public forum on social media. It took awhile but I decided to meet my resistance (fear) head-on.
I believe that I am a spiritual being, a Soul, who is here in this material arena (Earth) to experience various situations (lessons) in order for my Soul to grow so I may be a beacon of “Love.”
I believe living a consciously aware life means I am able to put “thought” into how I respond to life’s events both positive and negative. It’s taking responsibility for the manner in which I relate to myself and others. It’s about seeing things as happening “for” me instead of “to” me. It requires me to not play the victim because of what did or didn’t happen. It puts me in a position to choose how I want to respond to a person or event versus reacting. To live life more fully and consciously aware, I believe one must “heal” emotional wounds and eliminate limiting thoughts. These are commonly referred to as “triggers.” I’m sure you know what I mean. Someone says something and it rubs you the wrong way and before you know it you’re angry, yelling, your feelings are hurt and you become defensive. It happened in the blink of an eye. You didn’t think about your response you reacted.
To me, conscious awareness is the “pause” between heartbeats. It’s a split second opportunity to be in control and decide what response is appropriate for the situation I’m confronting.
I stopped the blog in 2013, after a series of “Soul” lessons presented themselves with such intensity, I found it difficult to write and share stories about my life while it was unfolding and changing.  I definitely have a new perspective!
Sending all,
Love and Light