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Neither Less Than Nor Greater Than But Equal Too!

Castillo del Morro


Some stories are told as they unfold and others are told after they end.  I chose to wait until I arrived at logical point in the story.  It hasn’t ended yet.

I don’t know what it is about the month of May but for the past couple of years, it seems to be the month that begins some type of life lesson.  It’s been almost a year since my life took an unexpected turn.  For my Ego, it was unexpected.  For my Soul, nothing is unexpected.  Everything was and is as it should be.  Just because I have no conscious awareness of the reason(s) why, it doesn’t mean that anything in life is ever truly unexpected.

I am an Intuitive.  There are pros and cons to being a sensitive.  One of the cons is that I can see the dynamics at work in other people’s life with greater clarity than I sometimes have with my own life.  Some of the pros are I have never questioned the existence of a life other than this physical one and I have a different perspective, hence the title of this blog, on the reason for this life that we are experiencing.  That being said, whenever I find life presenting an unexpected challenge the questions I ask myself are; What lesson(s) is this situation presenting and how can my Soul grow through this experience. This perspective gives me the wherewithal to allow the process to unfold and reveal to me the lesson(s) to be learned.  My intuitive skills do not enable me to sail through life unscathed.  This past year had me questioning my own perception skills and why they seemed to fail me. My perspective gives me strength while I seem to be lost in my Ego’s confusion and it was a powerful tool in dealing with this past year.  As time moved on, I was shown why my skills “seemed” to fail me and what streams of consciousness needed to be changed. Read the rest of this entry


What Do You Want? – Dream Big!

October was an intense month for me.   I went through two very important realizations.  I already talked about my lesson in “What Do You Want to Do?”  Before that lesson began I was in the beginning stage of learning “What Do You Want?”

You might wonder what the difference is.  I’ve learned that; “What Do You Want to Do?” is the question to ask yourself when a decision needs to be made that results in an action and “Want Do You Want?” is the question to ask yourself when you think about your life and what you want to achieve.  “What Do You Want?” isn’t about attaining the latest material gadgets, tech toys and fashions nor is it a mechanism for doing harm or seeking revenge.

“What Do You Want?” is a question about your dreams (day & wildest,) your desires, your fantasies, and your wishes.  It’s about the idea that gives you pleasure to think about, that raises your level of excitement and makes your energy soar.  “What Do You Want?” is the most impossible, improbable, least likely dream that could ever come true.

There’s more to it than just having a dream or wish.  It begins with an idea, an image of something that we want more than anything in the world.  Next we have to believe that we deserve to have what we want.  For some of us, we might have a problem with that belief. Believing that we deserve to have what we want is hampered by low self-esteem.  We have to know that we are worthy.  We have to be willing to go to the depths of our wounds and false beliefs to find the truth that will free us and help us realize our dreams.  This isn’t an easy or quick task.  It’s taken me years, to remember what I’d long forgotten, what had been tucked away in my sub-conscious, wreaking havoc on my life without my being consciously aware of its reign of terror.  As these wounds reveal themselves, I face them then turn them around into positive lessons and move on.  I can only conclude that I’ve arrived at that point in consciousness where I can now begin to acknowledge and manifest my dreams.  Finally, we have to believe that any dream can come true. Read the rest of this entry

What Do You Want to Do? – The affect of “should” on my life.

I’ve heard the question “What do you want to do?” at various times in my life.  I’ve been asked by family, friends, potential employers, prognosticators, and suitors.  In a job interview, I would give the appropriate response in order to get the job.  Whenever I was asked “what do you want to do” in regards to my life, my response never wavered;  “I don’t know. I can’t feel my heart. I don’t know what my heart’s desire is. I know I want to be happy.”  Those may have been my responses but I knew what I wanted to do.  I didn’t think I could do what I wanted because it didn’t fit the accepted life models that had been set before me.

There are widely accepted beliefs on how we’re to “live” our lives.  These beliefs are generally known as “shoulds.”   We are bombarded with “shoulds” almost as soon as we leave the womb.   By the time I was 10 years old, I knew that for all the decisions I would make in my life,  it would always be a choice between “what I wanted to do” and what I believed I “should” do.  By the time I was a young adult, I no longer consciously thought about “should.”  I’d gotten so use to it’s presence that it was like breathing.  Breathing happens without our having to think about it or consciously will ourselves to do it. That’s how “should” operates in our life.  It affects our choices whether we know it or not.  That is an aspect of “should” that I wasn’t aware of but it began to reveal itself, a few weeks ago Read the rest of this entry

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